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I study Eastern and Western psychology, philosophy, the great spiritual traditions and the latest advances in neuroscience to help you transform suffering into freedom and joy.

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Alexei Soma, LSW

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My first goal when working with a client is to create a space of absolute safety, a space where people feel at ease to share the fullness of their suffering, to share their hopes and their dreams. I use a whole-person approach and learn not just about a person’s pain but also about their strengths and their vision for a better future. Together, my clients and I create a healing field that allows their deepest knowledge to flower. We transform confusion into clarity and habitual patterns into fresh action arising out of wisdom.

I heal by combining science with perennial truth. My clients and I descend into the darkness of their pain and emerge with the light of insight.

Starting this path can be scary. You may be close to giving up. Maybe you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin.

Together, you and I will create a map that gets you to safety, peace and well-being.

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